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Why Choose Alibaba Clone Elite

Unlock the Power of ecommerce with Our Alibaba Clone Elite Software

Take full control of your software management with our Alibaba clone elite software. Empower your B2B platform with unmatched management capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface

Professional UI design ensures seamless navigation for all users.

Multi-Vendor Support

Alibaba Clone System comes up with Multi-Vendor Support.

Advanced Search and Filtering Options

Filter products from categories to price, location to service type, memberhip level to MOQ. Everyting is available there in the system.

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Streamline User Experience

Grow your vision and revenue with Our Cutting-Edge Software Solution

System Features

Take a look our system features with screenshots

Dynamic Multilevel Categories

Dynamic Multilevel Categories

  • Effortlessly organize products into hierarchical categories
  • Customize category structures to fit your marketplace needs
  • Scalable system to accommodate growth and new products
  • Enhance user experience with intuitive navigation
  • SEO-friendly structure to improve search engine visibility
  • Admin-friendly tools for easy category management

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

  • Expand your marketplace reach with multiple languages
  • Offer seamless transactions in various currencies
  • Personalize user experience with language preferences
  • Enhance global visibility and accessibility
  • Support international customers with localized content
  • Facilitate easy currency conversion and pricing display
Enhanced Search with Typeahead Functionality

Enhanced Search with Typeahead Functionality

  • Instant search suggestions as users type
  • Improved search accuracy and relevancy
  • Efficient navigation with predictive search capabilities
  • Mobile-friendly design for seamless usability
  • Advanced filtering options for precise results
  • Integration with analytics for continuous optimization
Advanced Marketplace Organization and Promotion

Advanced Marketplace Organization and Promotion

  • Efficiently organize products into multi-level categories
  • Manage banners for strategic promotions and announcements
  • Customize category structures to match business needs
  • Streamline admin tasks with intuitive management tools
  • Optimize user experience with structured navigation
  • Enhance marketplace visibility and engagement
Section Management from Admin Panel

Section Management from Admin Panel

  • Create and manage sections like New Arrivals, Top Products, Hot Products, etc.
  • Customize section content and display order easily
  • Promote featured products with dedicated sections
  • Enable/disable sections as per marketing strategies
  • Streamline site navigation and enhance user experience
  • Update sections dynamically to reflect current trends
Home Page Categories and Product Management

Home Page Categories and Product Management

  • Effortlessly manage and customize home page categories
  • Create and update product listings directly from the admin panel
  • Organize products into featured categories for homepage display
  • Control product visibility and promotional banners
  • Optimize homepage layout for enhanced user engagement
  • Monitor and adjust product placements for strategic marketing
Advance Product Listing with filters

Advance Product Listing with filters

  • Advance product filter with categories, Supplier Type, MOQ, Price, Location, Country, Delivery menthod, Membership Type and much more
  • Product view in Grid and List view
  • Product sorting based on latest, price, hot, top rate etc.
  • Grid view with muliple product image view.
  • No pagination. Adavnce auto scoll product listing view.
Post RFQ Section for Easy RFQ Posting by the User

Post RFQ Section for Easy RFQ Posting by the User

Simplify the RFQ (Request for Quotation) process with our intuitive Post RFQ section. Enable users to effortlessly submit RFQs directly from your marketplace, enhancing their procurement experience. Our feature-rich RFQ system allows for:

  • Quick RFQ creation with guided form fields
  • Flexible RFQ management for buyers and suppliers
  • Transparent communication and bidding processes
  • Integration with user accounts for streamlined interactions
  • Customizable RFQ templates for consistent submissions
  • Notification alerts for real-time RFQ updates
Four-Level Membership Plan Managed by Admin Panel

Four-Level Membership Plan Managed by Admin Panel

Offer flexible membership options with our comprehensive four-level membership plan, easily customizable via the admin panel. Tailor each plan with specific features and benefits:

  • Adjustable membership fees to suit different user needs
  • Set active days duration for each membership tier
  • Control product posting limits based on membership level
  • Manage image upload quotas for product listings
  • Grant RFQ (Request for Quotation) lead access as per membership tier
  • Customize membership benefits such as visibility and analytics tools
  • Track membership usage and performance metrics
  • Provide seamless user upgrades/downgrades between membership levels
User Store Micro Website with Advanced Features

User Store Micro Website with Advanced Features

Create a unique storefront for each user with our customizable User Store Micro Website. Enhance user engagement and functionality with the following features:

  • Multi-Currency Support for global transactions
  • Multi-Language Options for diverse customer bases
  • Store Following to build community and loyalty
  • Store Reviews and Ratings for customer feedback and trust
  • Active Time Indicator to show store availability
  • Join Date Display to build credibility and history
  • Customizable Store Design to reflect brand identity
  • SEO Optimization for better visibility on search engines
  • Analytics Dashboard for performance tracking and insights
  • Social Media Integration for broader reach and engagement
Store Product Listing with Custom Categories

Store Product Listing with Custom Categories

Empower sellers to showcase their products with personalized categorization through our Store Product Listing feature. Sellers can:

  • Create custom categories tailored to their product offerings
  • Organize products efficiently for easier navigation
  • Highlight unique selling points with detailed descriptions and images
  • Manage inventory and pricing with flexible options
  • Enhance visibility through SEO-friendly listings
  • Receive customer inquiries and orders directly through their store
  • Update product information and availability in real-time
  • Utilize analytics to track sales performance and customer behavior
  • Integrate social sharing for wider product reach
Full Store Information Management by Store Owner

Full Store Information Management by Store Owner

Enable store owners to comprehensively manage their store information, enhancing transparency and trust. Store owners can:

  • Update company profile including history, mission, and vision
  • Specify production capacity and capabilities
  • Detail trade capacity such as export/import volume and markets
  • Highlight R&D capabilities and innovation achievements
  • List and categorize products with descriptions and specifications
  • Share certifications, awards, and industry affiliations
  • Display business milestones and achievements
  • Provide contact information and customer service details
  • Manage store policies, shipping options, and return policies
  • Utilize multimedia content to showcase facilities, products, and processes
Store Inquiry Box and Social Media Account Management

Store Inquiry Box and Social Media Account Management

Enhance communication and connectivity for store owners with these two key features:

Store Inquiry Box:

Enable seamless interaction between users and store owners with a dedicated inquiry box. Users can send inquiries directly to store owners from their store account, ensuring efficient communication and response.

Social Media Account Management:

Empower store owners to manage their social media accounts directly from their store account. They can:

  • Link and showcase social media profiles for enhanced visibility
  • Engage with customers and build a community through social channels
Classified Listings with Advanced Filters

Classified Listings with Advanced Filters

Enable users to post classified ads for deals, offers, or promotions, displayed under a dedicated classified section. Key features include:

  • User-generated classified listings for various deals and promotions
  • Advanced filtering options by category, price range, and location
  • Customizable ad formats with images and descriptions
  • Integration with user accounts for easy ad management
  • SEO optimization for enhanced visibility in search results
Posted classified details

Posted classified details

Here is the detailed content of the classified ad, describing the product, offer, or promotion. Users can view:

  • Detailed description of the ad, including specifications or terms
  • Pricing information or deal terms
  • Contact information or inquiry details
  • Images showcasing the product or service
  • Additional relevant information or conditions

Unlocking the Power of Alibaba Clone Software Capabilities Enhancing Customer Engagement

Mobile Responsive

Get the power of mobile responsive. New intelligent responsive layout supports mobile device as well as tab, pc and desktop.

Security on Guard

Our Alibaba clone software ensures robust security protocols, safeguarding against threats and ensuring peace of mind for you.

Fully Manageable from Super Admin Panel

Control of your platform's operations with our advance super admin panel.

Four Level Membership

Unlock the power of membership packages. Give access and benefits to different users types.

Discover Comprehensive Chatbot Features for Customer Engagement

Chatbots offer a diverse range of features designed to enhance user interactions and streamline customer support.

Unlimited Stores and Products

Create and manage an unlimited number of stores and products on your platform, giving opertunities to sellers to showcase their products and enabling buyers to explore a vast options.

RFQ, Flash Deals & Classifieds

Effortlessly manage RFQs (Request for Quotations), Flash Deals, and Classifieds with our comprehensive tools on your Alibaba clone platform.

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What is in Our Alibaba Clone Script Elite Version

Alibaba clone elite version is b2b ecommerce marketplace platform similar to and develop by Eagle Technosys

The platform allows vendors to create company profiles, Add products in bulk with images, video, attributes, descriptions, pricing, and specifications.

Platform also has a free and paid subscription package for vendors.

Buyers can search and browse through a wide range of products, suppliers and contact directly to suppliers through the platform.

The platform supports secure payment gateways Paypal, Razorpay and one additional as per customer requirement, to facilitate online transactions.

The platform has an advanced search and filter module making it easy for users to quickly find products and suppliers as per the dedicated country.

The platform also includes features like multi-language, multi-currency support, adding sellers and categories in bulk, mobile responsive theme design, and customizable UI to the global audience to enhance the user experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

You can pay for the script using one of the following payments: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Money Gram etc. We accept payments with Stripe and Payoneer accounts, Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa, American Express, and Diner's Club online. Alternatively, we support bank transfer / wire transfer. For furhter more methods request you to access the payment option page here

After payment confirmation you will get the download link for the script in just 24 hours and If you did not received an email for your placed order in 24 hours please you should contact us on [email protected]

We offer free installation once you bought the script. Our team will install the script for you.

Please check the Server requirement section for the informations.

Yes of course. We will do the theme updation as per your logo and color combination. About the logo and other stuffs that can be managed from the admin panel.

Extensive Testing: Our script undergoes rigorous automated and manual testing to ensure reliability.

Proven Performance: It has been successfully implemented on numerous sites.

Comprehensive Support: We provide detailed documentation and dedicated customer support.

Pilot Testing: We offer a pilot phase to test the script in your environment before going live.

Security: Our script follows industry-standard security practices.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation for your site. Please feel free to reach out with any specific concerns.

The currency can be chagned from the admin panel and about the language you need to buy additional language plugin and after it you will have the system in your country language and currency.

Yes. You can customize the country stuffs from the admin panel. About the country and locations that can be managed too from the admin panel.

Right now, the english language in the default language for the script but if you want to add more language then you need to buy a language plugin for the script.

The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees at any time after your purchase. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees to use the software.

Please check the Server requirement section for the informations.

Yes. Our system has implemented a banners system.When first installed your script will have no banners added. You will need to add them for the location and pages you want from administrator Banners section.
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